Strategic communication increases the value of your brand.


With the right strategy, we shape the reputation and value of a company. We work for small and medium-sized companies, often from the real estate industry, and have many years of experience in developing communication strategies and defining an authentic corporate identity.

We value a very close proximity to management and the product. This is the only way to provide comprehensive advice and create a suitable internal and external strategy, the only way to initiate changes and successfully overcome crises.

The way to create a credible corporate image that goes hand in hand with a sustainable orientation and social responsibility in the modern world, and at the same time enables a high level of employee loyalty. In addition, we like to bring people together who can benefit from our network, which extends into many various industries.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we offer. It is essential for companies develop a social and ecological effectiveness that goes beyond short-term key figures.

It is therefore essential to establish and maintain communication with stakeholders and the public in this area as well.

In short: Corporate management, environment and social issues are the three pillars of our sustainable PR and Investor Relations.

The promotion of the corporate image and employee loyalty in the form of socially responsible action, for example through cultural or sporting commitment, is important to us.

Political developments, turbulence on the markets or technical progress bring changes. We accompany companies through these turbulent times - with effective change communication.

In a volatile market environment, one must reckon with crises. Crises are also opportunities because they indicate a need for change. We offer expertise in all phases of a crisis, from diagnosis to follow-up. Avoiding crises, recognizing them early, overcoming them - all of this is our business.

In turbulent times, the stability of a company is particularly important because it is also a statement to the outside world. We help to show a positive attitude. We also support the development and maintenance of networks and good relationships, the value of which is particularly evident in crises.

We are a small, powerful team that has mastered all measures of internal and external communication.


This includes the development of a communicative guiding principle, stakeholder mapping, cross-media campaigns, conveying news to employees - whether traditionally or via digital media - as well as coordinated press communication , which thrives on personal contacts with journalists as well as on press releases or press conferences. 

In addition, we form networks, offer personal coaching for executives, but also moderation and initiate events with interesting speakers for our companies, which strengthen customer loyalty and promote public perception.

Should companies work for the common good?

Corporate social responsibility is a voluntary contribution by business to sustainable development, but it is not altruistic. Do good things and talk about it!

Together with the companies, we develop concepts for a suitable commitment that is at the same time value-adding and team-building - and fun.

We are committed – together with personalities from business, politics, science and culture- our success is your success.



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